From Insecurity to Worship : Following Joshua’s Example

It seems only fitting and logical to read the books of Exodus and Joshua while living in Egypt; so I am.  It is an amazing experience following Moses and the Israelites from Pithom to Rameses, crossing the Red Sea, thirsting at the waters of Mara, stopping at the twelve springs at Elim,  wandering and meandering towards Mount Sinai, and ending up at Jericho before entering the Promised Land. Continue reading


Temples, Tombs and Ancient Egypt

Our oldest son was here over the Christmas holiday.  While we’ve been living in Egypt for a little over seven months now, we waited for his arrival to make our fist visit to the Giza Pyramids.  After Christmas we headed to Luxor (ancient Thebes) to walk through the history of ancient Egypt.

You cannot imagine the thrill of actually seeing the sphinx up close, the awe of standing next to the 47 meter high pyramids without thinking how very small we are in comparison. Continue reading