Are You Being Lashed by the Waves of Life?

Ever wonder why God lets difficulty after difficulty roll over you like ocean waves and you’re barely able to keep your head above the water?

We have recently returned to the U.S. for summer vacation and to get our two oldest children settled in college.  On the way to visit one of the colleges, we were involved in a three car accident (two of the three cars belonged to us), caused by a swerving semi truck on an exit ramp.  The truck driver fled the scene and left us with at least one of our vehicles totalled and the second one likely suffering the same fate.

Add to this an issue we have to take care of back home in Egypt which is not easily done from here, an angry daughter lashing out because of a missed sports camp (understandable disappointment), a completely changed itinerary, and the need to find transportation for the rest of the summer and we are so exhausted by the waves that it seems logical to ask, “Why God? Why are you allowing all of this to happen at once?”

Yesterday as I was listening to my music playlist in the car, driving back to the scene of the accident so I can get the belongings out of my car and deal with a few different business items, the song Oceans: Where Feet May Fail by Hillsong United began and I was transported back to the last church service we attended before leaving for Egypt.  That Sunday, I remember crying through the entire song, knowing God was taking me “where my trust is without borders” and frankly I wasn’t ready to go there.

But, during this past year in Egypt, God has strengthened my faith so that it  doesn’t have as many borders as it used to.  I have been building an altar, much like the ones the Israelites built next to the Red Sea and the Jordan River: an altar of remembrance to the Lord’s faithfulness to his people.  I have grown my altar in order to take my thoughts captive and trust that even though the waves keep rolling over me and are threatening to pull me under, I know God’s waiting to reach down, take hold of me and draw me out of the deep waters at just the right time (Psalm 18:16-18).

What stones do you have to stack on your altar, so that when the waves come, you can stand firm (even if you wobble a little) and take those thoughts captive today?


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