Giggles Pages

My daughter, Giggles, and I are working together on memorizing some scripture that will help in the times when temptation strikes her.

Several months ago, I purchased two of those new adult  coloring books to use during our “date” times after school.   So, one afternoon we headed out to our local coffee shop with our pencils and books.  We talked some of the difficulty she’d been having lately with certain behaviors and decided that we would memorize scriptures that could help us both to overcome temptation.

We’ll share our verses here, hopefully each week.  Giggles would like to make a book, so look for that in the future.

With the permission of Skyhorse Publishing, Giggles pages are included here.  She created these masterpieces from the Mehndi: Coloring for Everyone.  You can find their products at .Skyhorse Publishing.